Gabriel Schray Radio Sports Play-by-Play Demo


This demo reel showcases my sports radio play-by-play work from 2023 and 2024. My work over the last two years includes football, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and wrestling. I have also provided play-by-play for ice hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, and field hockey. From ESPN+ to FIFA+ and beyond, I’ve called games on various platforms, including SESN, BCSN, ACSN, HBCU+, and more.

I’m passionate about delivering top-tier coverage that captivates and excites viewers. Whether it’s a single game or a long-term opportunity, I’m ready to bring my expertise to the table and to bat for you. With experience ranging from professional football (both kinds), a World Series, to countless conference championships, I’m dedicated to providing dynamic commentary wherever the game takes me.

Get in touch with me through my contact page to discuss how we can collaborate. Let’s work together to elevate your sports broadcasts to new heights.

David Brody headshot

“Gabe is a fantastic student who cares a great deal about his play-by-play. He has a great ability to capture the excitement of a live sporting event, which brings the listener to the venue.”

David Brody – Sportscasting Talent Coach-Agent, when asked for a quote on the play-by-play work of Gabriel. 

Michael Duffy headshot

“What makes Gabe a great announcer, is attention to detail. He is very passionate about his profession, and it shows in his on-air work. He’s not afraid to tackle any assignment, does his research, and does it well.”

Michael Duffy – Retired Athletic Director, Adrian College, when asked for a quote on the play-by-play work of Gabriel. 

Chris Goforth headshot

“A jack-of-all-trades. In front of the camera, or behind it, he’s equally competent, and comfortable. Reliable, accurate, trustworthy, and professional. A real asset to any sports broadcast or telecast.”

Chris Goforth – Atlanta Falcons Radio Network, 92.9 The Game, when asked for a quote on the play-by-play work of Gabriel.