Shootin’ Bull Podcast Features Gary Reasons, Jim Leyritz, and Gabriel Schray

In this week’s episode of “Shootin’ Bull,” host Neal Michaels sits down with a powerhouse panel featuring NFL great Gary Reasons, MLB legend Jim Leyritz, and play-by-play commentator Gabriel Schray. Tune in as they tackle some of the most debated topics in sports today.

The conversation starts off with a fiery debate on which franchise holds the title of the most hated in all of sports. Is it the perennial contenders, the controversial, or the consistently underperforming? Each guest brings their unique perspective and firsthand experiences to the table, ensuring a lively and passionate discussion.

Next, they dive into the evolution of sideline reporting. Has it crossed the line from informative to invasive? Gabriel Schray offers his insights from the broadcast booth, while Gary Reasons and Jim Leyritz reflect on their playing days and how the media landscape has shifted.

With anecdotes, expert analysis, and a fair share of humor, this episode is a must-listen for sports fans of all kinds. Don’t miss the chance to hear these sports legends and a broadcasting expert shoot the bull about the hottest topics in the industry.

Catch the latest episode of “Shootin’ Bull” available now on all major podcast platforms.

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